about us


KOHER FURNITURE S.L. a typical and luxury furniture manufacturing company based in Yecla (Spain), strategically positioned to provide worldwide services. Over 50 years of experience and success avail our field acknowledge and guarantee a target accomplishment.

We develop luxury lifestyle living for private clients, customize office for corporate organizations and public projects as hotels, office buildings, restaurants and shops for any type of demand. Our design and manufacturing services are custom made and client specific, harmonizing individual tastes, preferences, lifestyles, persona and professions to provide our clients with complete and comprehensive lifestyle management solutions. KOHER customer is a discerning individual/organization that demands the finest products, service, quality, craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail. How to reach such an individual? By providing an eclectic collection of carefully selected household hi-end goods & design furniture based on our creativity, design merit, high profile manufacturing, innovative technologies, artisanal mastery and originality, as currency to create scores of loyal customers.

In pursuit of this objective, we aim to establish a long term mutually beneficial relationship with high profile out-sourcing designers and manufacturers of stylized and design furniture by showcasing their unique collection of exclusive master pieces as complementary to our own production catalogues.

KOHER FURNITURE S.L. is renowned for the sophistication, technical excellence, originality, quality and skilled craftsmanship of it’s exceptional products. These are critical factors, which influence the buying decisions of our discerning clientele. As brand KOHER, we’re building a brilliant positioning of our products in an elegant and effective ways in a high demanding and competitive sphere. A challenging system assure strict compliance with our company’s regulated QC (quality control) processes to enhance overall satisfaction of target clientele.


Our company is committed to implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System and Chain of Custody according to the requirements set forth by the ISO 9001:2015 and PEFC-ST 2002:2020 standards. In order to achieve this goal, the company commits to:

· Complying with the applicable requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and PEFC-ST 2002:2020 standards, applicable legislation, and any requirements subscribed by the company.
· Reviewing the Quality Management System and Chain of Custody annually, internal and external issues, objectives, this policy, and the resources needed for the system’s operation.
· Continuously improving processes to increase the effectiveness of the QMS and the organization.
· Achieving maximum satisfaction of all stakeholders by offering products that meet customer needs.
· Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders.
· Providing workers with the appropriate training and motivation for the performance of their work and the achievement of established goals.
· Complying with social, health and safety requirements based on the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.
· Disseminating this Policy to all levels of the company, to Customers, Suppliers and other stakeholders, through publication on the company’s website and/or personalized mailing.

In February of 2023, Koher obtains the ISO 9001 and PEFC certification, taking another step in its commitment to quality.