Koher Furniture SL is a recognized company of furnishing for export, specialized in contract and retail. It was established in 1988 of the hand of two entrepreneurs, brothers Jose and Juan Hernandez Bellot, whose second generation Helena and Jose Maria joined the company a couple of years ago. Today, thirty years later, Koher is a brand name well known worldwide which takes the country of origin Spain as guarantee of quality and design. A produce 100% Made in Spain.

Koher manufactures furniture, upholstery and accessories of highest level, exquisite finishing, using materials of the first quality and mostly sourced locally. In addition, it has got a professional Spanish team with a large number of skill specialists destined in diverse geographical areas according to the project requirement. The head office is located in Yecla, Murcia, Spain, heart of production and logistics center for all activities.


Koher is a company of thirty years of history but almost fifty of experience involved in the contract and retail sectors. Although the company was founded in 1988, already in 1970 Pepe Hernandez (father of Jose and Juan) began to sell furniture in near and middle East (Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman…) In the decade of the eighties, his two sons joint the company and continued the export business together in the original shared firm named Kodysa.
Jose and Juan decided to restart with a new company named Koher. Created in a country just recently open for outside business world to offer its traditional manufactured products as great valuable.
The company was born with very much sacrifice, betting for high-end products of top class and the effort for opening away markets were staying as mind target. At the present, the brand Koher is a quality symbol. Then probably the word that better defines it is the word “endeavour”, only across it has come near hitherto.

After overcoming the world crisis, Koher has reached the major growth in its history. An information to know is the satisfaction degree of the customers, retailers, corporations, private owners and interior designers that year after year continue to trust in Koher.

Koher started by opening two different export markets from the beginning: Middle East and Far East. Nowadays few are the countries that get away from its domain. Its works support it internationally across Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. Projects are underway or in progress in more than thirty-five countries around the world to stay always next to you.


The produce is the best to speak about the company. A great quality is a guarantee for the customer. The factories have the last technical innovations although the production maintains a high degree of handcrafting to achieve a unique task. Furniture, sofas, lighting, decoration items, theatre chairs; new furnishing shop/restaurant/hotel, refurbishing… all for home, office, hotel, shop or any other public project.
New designs and products are released every year, investing in development and innovation. Concepts which are the forefront of the creativity. Such dedication of the designer’s team together with the carpenters and skill assemblers can materialize the dream of the customer from a simple drawing, image or idea. Its capability distinguishes it in creating the made-to-measure, totally customized and exclusive product. Furthermore, from 2008 Koher partnered with the recognized German company Topstar GmbH and its emblem brand Wagner to combine the style of classic office chairs with the most advanced technology. Nowadays Koher is the representative of this company in the whole Middle East.

Koher develops a way of life adapted to hotels and homes. Ideal environments work for small business outlets, restaurants, shops, hotels, office buildings, public projects or big corporate tenders. Always trying to create healthy and comfortable spaces for the clients with end-users on mind. A quality never scolded with the price, an affordable proposal that will meet the budget, seeking to create a balance between buyers and the company


GONZALO  FERNANDEZ Architect (UPV, Spain), he started his career four years ago in Koher. As person in-charge of furniture design and projects in European markets, he also carries out the main link between creation and development. Working as a master in 3D and shop/art drawings.

FADI BASHOUR Our main partner in Koher and our person in Kuwait (University of Alicante-Spain), with a Master in Interior Design & Furnishing, specialized in curtains, fabrics, wall claddings, home accessories, wall papers, lighting fixtures, furniture layout. He’s the key factor for office and home projects in Middle East.

MARIO GARCÍA Architect (UPV Valencia, Spain), located in Kuwait, he’s handling most of our public projects in Middle East. He is specialized on government buildings. Mario has a vast experience as architect, interior designer and CG artist.


  CARLOS DÍAZ Architect (UPV Valencia, Spain), recently incorporated to the Design department in Koher. In addition to his work as a technician, he adds knowledge about audiovisual media and Virtual Reality in Real Estate.

DANIEL GIL Industrial and graphic designer  (Spain, 1972) with more 20 years of professional trajectory. He’s collaborating with a large number of companies from different sectors which develop a practical and adaptive sense.

BASMA BASHOUR Interior Designer (NDU Beirut, Lebanon) with an enrich experience in Kuwait and Lebanon. She’s specialized in American and Middle East markets providing a unique taste and style to the signature works.

HELENA HERNANDEZ Interior designer working few years in design and commercial departments. She has been developing a personal European style, taking special care on small details all combined with a fresh and young creativity. She also involved in product manufacturing as a quality controller.



The company is specialized in contract business from 1998. It owns a vast experience after countless projects, a professional team fully dedicated to each task involved such as design, assembly, wall board setting, isolation, painting, flooring, ceilings, curtains, carpets, lighting, decoration and accessories. As every project is different and unique, the company fits to the requirement up to key-turn of the specific task. It covers any customer inquiry, directly from the designer up to the owner who is looking for someone to carry up the work to a successful end.