• Interior design: Projects in all styles are produced by us modulating furniture, lightings, accesories, floorings and wall arrangements. Should you have an idea, we can make it real otherwise we’ll suggest our designs.

    A unique combination of materials that invite you to refresh or warm up your living place.

  • Furniture design: A specialized designers team will help you to create an ideal piece or even a master piece. Our workshop will undertake your demand of shape,volume and material to generate a craftsmanship furniture item.

  • Home & Office: KOHER care the whole scenario of home and office furniture. Additionally we offer an exceptional coverage for accessories a detailed personalized analysis. Furniture, divider, wall claddings, floorings, electrical installation and total space solution are our daily tasks.

  • Contract: We run contract business worldwide such hotels, office buildings, shops, villas, apartments, corporate workplaces. A design team and production source will ensure a full compliance to the project specifications.

    Whatever challenging project in mind is our subject and your satisfaction our target.